Ball Cylinder

Ball Cylinder



The Montessori Ball Cylinder is a material that is used with infants of about 6 months old. The colorful balls and gentle rolling sounds that are made when the cylinder rolls are very attractive to a child who is eager to scoot or crawl. Babies love to study the movement of the balls and, when it is placed just out of their reach, begin to move towards the cylinder in order to get their hands on it.

The rods in the ball cylinder are the perfect size for a baby's hands to grab onto and explore. Babies also discover that picking up the cylinder and shaking it produces a sound. They love to practice this as they discover their actions have effects! The ball cylinder rolls very well on carpet or hard floor so that the child on the move can work their muscles and go after it.

We make the ball cylinder to order from cherry and birch. The dimensions are 4.25'' W x 6.25'' L. The balls are colored with non-toxic watercolor stain to keep the teething baby safe. The cylinder is finished with a beeswax/flaxseed oil blend.